The Revolution of Pearls in Bahrain, the unrest leaks

الدقائق الأولى لهجوم قوات الأمن على دوار اللولو (الؤلؤ) وفي البحرين في الصباح الباكر ليوم 17 فبراير 2011، حيث سقط قتيلين ومئات الجرحى، المصور كان في الجهة المقابلة للهجوم، الرؤية كانت شبه معدومة، تعذر التنفس وانعدمت الرؤية تدريجيا

The photographer was on the other side of the roundabout where two were killed and hundrededs were injured. At alsalmaniya hospital, the government banned ambulances to move into or out of the hospital. Shortly, all doctors demonstrated with anger and asked the minister of health to resign, a demand that was accepted by the minister shortly.
This clips captures the very first minutes of the sudden attack took place at 3 AM, Thursday 17 Feb 2011 in Bahrain in Lulu roundabout were armless protesters camped as part of their demonstration demanding positive changes towards true democracy, civil rights, freedom and anti-


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