The Revolution of Pearls in Bahrain, the unrest leaks

The political societies  organizing this mass march, its full standing along to The Youth in the Martyrs square, where  five militant martyrs fell down , the square which became the symbol of freedom, dignity and martyrdom., and declare its support to their just  and legitimate  demands for better future of Bahrain. Thee societies  affirm the importance of the  peaceful   and civilized expression of these demands, and urge the government to  adhere to the international conventions  to protect  today’s peaceful assembly  and safeguard the citizens life, especially after the horrible massacre  by the security forces  inflicting several deaths and many causalities. The crises engulfing our country , is in essence constitutional and political crises, which has been destabilizing  the country , thus nictitated this peaceful uprising  to cure all the ills  and realizes the legitimate ambitions of Bahraini people for real participations in administering the country through real constitutional  system and real  constitutional monarchy leading to elected  government. Among the bright sides  of this uprising and youth sitt in, is the appeal for national unity  of Bahraini people, in addition to the genuinely of the demands , which are not sectarian , or ideological , which confirms the  solid unity of our people The poetical societies support the Youth  peaceful and civilized  demands, the important of which are :

-Release of all political prisoners and to abolish their cases
Immediate initiation of impartial and independent investigation of summary killing since 14th Feb.2011

Ensure the objectivity and neutrality of the official media
Resignation of the government and to form national salvation government, to ensure national détente and facilitate national dialogue
To draw a contractual constitution by an elected constitutional assembly, as a bse for constitutional monarchy and elected government
To amend the electoral system, to ensure just and fair representation of all political and societal components
To ensure all the guarantees by the Rule to implement the concluded agreements
We salute and appreciate the entrenched youth and just demands
May God mercy and forgiveness befall on the heroic martyrs, whose scarified their life such that Bahrain become homeland for all

The signatures Political societies:
PAN-National Gathering, Progressive Forum, National Fraternity, National Gathering, Islamic Action, Alwefaq Alwatni, WAAD
22 February 2011



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